Bespoke workshops for your marketing team


It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it. 

We have created a range of workshops that can be tailored to you and your teams.

You can choose a workshop to discover real life hacks to market to mortgage intermediaries or the importance of creative thinking - and how to develop this skill.

Or you can learn ways to develop a greater appreciation of the marketing department with some self-promotion techniques.


If you are not part of a team, look out for similar workshops that are open to all (just not bespoke) or look at our online courses.

Workshops are being delivered face to face or  through your chosen video communication platform. It is up to you and depends upon market conditions. 

Below are examples and we can mix and match to suit your needs.

Get in touch to find out how we can help.

Quick Overview


B2B Marketing

For marketing teams targeting mortgage intermediaries


B2B Marketing (Advanced)

For those who are looking for an edge over the competition


Creative Thinking

Creativity is the engine room of marketing. Discover what prevents it and how to enhance this vital skill.


Marketing Optimisation

Discover the ways to enhance your ROI with modern marketing techniques


Marketing The Marketing Department

Crucial for marketers. Raise your profile and get taken seriously. 

B2B Marketing (An Introduction)

This course will give you an introduction to the world of marketing to mortgage intermediaries. 

What You Will Learn

  • Form an understanding of the distribution dynamics of the mortgage market

  • Get to grips with terminology such as ARs v DAs

  • Have a deeper understanding of products and their jargon

  • Learn the competitive landscape and how to compete

  • Know what the key product points to promote and when

  • Discover tricks of attracting new brokers vs retaining them

B2B Marketing (Advanced)

Marketing to intermediaries is more complex than conventional B2B and B2C marketing. This workshop you will discover key insights gained over 20 years to help spearhead your activities. 

What You Will Learn

  • Get to learn the journey a broker goes on when choosing a lender.

  • Discover why building brand salience is so important and how to do this; it is not about pushing rates!

  • Learn vital insight into how brokers prefer to receive information.

  • Discover how to get your message heard.

  • Discover proven tips and hints that will make your marketing more effective. This across different communication channels

  • Learn how to apply cognition marketing principles to get your marketing messages heard.

  • It's all about being clear, relevant, distinct, consistent and getting the timing right.

  • Know what the key product points to promote and when.

  • Discover tricks of attracting new brokers vs retaining them.

Marketing Optimisation

If you want to enhance your ROI, then this workshop is for you. Use proven tips to make your budget work harder and deliver greater results.  

What You Will Learn

  • The trouble with conventional batch and blast techniques.

  • How to apply segmentation for greater results.

  • Segmentation that is simple to apply.

  • How to understand and maximise the sales funnel.

  • Move to deliver real time optimisation with your marketing.

  • How to tailor messages to different brokers; acquisition v retention.

Marketing The Marketing Department

This unique workshop shows how you can become more powerful in the workplace. You will learn how you cn ensure Marketing is taken more seriously and strategic.

After all, you're more than just the colouring in department

What You Will Learn


  • It's about strengthening your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how to strengthen your EQ

  • You’ll discover how to unleash your natural talents and promote yourself better through greater self awareness and awareness of others.

  • You will enhance your communication skills.

  • You’ll understand more about self promotion and building key relationships with stakeholders across the business.

  • You’ll discover your natural talents through the stimulating StrengthsFinder assessment. Get to understand how your talents fit into the following:

    • Striving – working harder

    • Thinking – working smarter

    • Relating – working with people

    • Impacting – influencing people

  • Learn how to harness these talents and turn them into strengths and get even better at your job.

  • Find out how this can deliver greater team working.

  • Learn the art of promoting yourself internally, both individually and collectively


Creative Thinking Workshop

Creativity is often misunderstood. However, creativity is the engine room of marketing. This workshop is based on Jeff Knight's experiences in the workplace.

  • Get to understand creativity: What it is and why it is important

  • Understanding the barriers to creativity and how to overcome these

  • Understanding the concept of soft thinking

  • Develop 4 key elements to enhance creative thinking

    • ​Creative Stimuli

    • Social Interaction and Communication

    • Environment & Culture

    • That it’s up to you


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