Expand Your Creative Thinking

Course Summary

Creativity is the engine room of marketing. It is a skill we all have. And it is a skill that can really enhance the power and career of marketers. This course shows how you can harness this skill.

Course Format

This course is only available as a Team Session and will be adapted to your team and goals.

It is also one of the modules of the Leadership Transformation Programme.

Who Is It For?

This is for all marketers. 

When applying creative thinking gives, organisations realise the benefit of Marketing. It is where you generate most power. This course is a must.

Course Overview

What is Creativity?

This course sets out exactly what we mean by creative thinking. It is not about art or music, it is about stimulating fresh thinking.

Why is it Important?

Creativity is the engine room of marketing. Applying this skill will set you apart from the competition and make you stars in your organisation. Your competitors can copy products but not your thinking.

What Prevents It?

There are a lot of barriers that prevent creative thinking happening in the workplace. This course will share what these are (based on years of experience) and how to overcome these and make it happen.

Harness Soft Thinking

Einstein used soft thinking to create solutions. So can you. We will explain how this works.

Tips to get Creative

We will show you some techniques you can use to get those creative juices flowing and deliver exciting ideas into your business.

The Power of Diversity of Thinking

We all see things differently. We all think differently. Use this to your advantage by discovering just how diversity of thinking becomes a powerful ally.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will learn just why creative thinking is so important to you, your team ad your business.

  • You will learn real life scenarios of what stops creativity and how to overcome these

  • Simple techniques to get creative.

  • Lear about key creative stimuli.

  • Hear about the importance of your working environment and culture.

  • ​Discover the importance of communication

  • And learn how to make this happen and become that creative hero.

Your Trainer

Your training will be led by Jeff Knight.

He has held several senior positions within lenders. He is a Fellow of the CIM and has won several marketing awards.

Jeff is a renowned creator of ideas and he will share his experiences - good and bad - that will really help you.

He will share all his knowledge and insights in this vital piece of training.


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Team Session price is determined based on your objectives and team structure. 

Get in touch and we will chat through your requirements and then give you a price accordingly.

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