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What's Important To Brokers Right Now?

Affordability and rising interest rates are key challenges right now. But what about everything else? What about Consumer Duty?

How important is technology and BDMs? More important now, or less so? But in what way. 

What makes a great experience in this new market?

We discover the WHAT but also the WHY.

By using quantitative and qualitative techniques to answer "we don't know what we don't know".

This Study will really help you navigate your plans and budget going forward.

Which Lenders Are Doing It Well?

As well as knowing what is important to brokers, lenders will see which brands do it well. And who is best in class. 

You can benchmark against your competitors.

You can see which areas to focus on - and build on your strengths in the areas that matter most. You will have some key actionable insights.

You will see ratings across:



Product Communication


Taking Notes

How does this compare to other industry research pieces?

We are very aware of the excellent range of bespoke and syndicated studies available in the market. This Broker Experience Study does not replace those - it gives another dimension and invaluable insight.

How is the study conducted?

It is a hybrid quantitative and qualitative Study. Brokers first complete a comprehensive, yet easy to follow Survey. Thereafter, there will be deep dive interviews with brokers to get a fuller picture to their responses.

The research will be undertaken by Jeff Knight and Tim Hague - two guys who know the broker market inside out and so know how to ask the important and right questions.


How big is the Study?

In the 2021 Study, 313 brokers completed the Survey and 23 brokers were interviewed for between 40 and 60 minutes.

Will I get verbatim feedback?

Yes. Whilst all subscribers see the results of every lender, only you get to receive any verbatim feedback received.

When will the results be ready?

A Survey will be issued early August and be open for a month. Deep dive interviews begin late August. We expect the Study to be available early October.

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