Marketing consultancy & training that's music to your ears

Grey Matter Marketing Solutions provides industry-leading expertise to companies and marketers in the mortgage market. 

It provides marketing know-how and unique training solutions that will be music to your ears.

Founded by Jeff Knight in January 2021, Grey Matter is all about making the most of both sides of the brain to maximise your marketing. This combines the power of data and insight with creative thinking to give greater marketing solutions. 

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About Us

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An award winning marketer

Jeff has been living and breathing marketing since graduating in the early 90s. So he has clearly been around a bit and has seen a lot of change. But as a Fellow of the CIM, he never stops learning and developing ideas, as anyone who knows him will tell you.

Jeff has been in the mortgage industry for quite some time, working for start ups through to large global firms.  He became a Director of Marketing in the mid 2000s and has worked at a senior level for many years.

He has even won several awards for marketing excellence. 

Jeff is passionate about marketing and passionate about people development, as anyone who has worked for him will tell you. 

Who we work with

People always ask who are working with. However, we have found it easier to keep that to ourselves, because the work we do gives clients a competitive edge and therefore confidential. 

Instead we talk about the kind of work we have done and we do.

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Marketing Strategy

Developed strategy for lenders - old and new.

Developed strategy for mortgage broker firms and event providers.


Written key industry reports through to a range of marketing content for a variety of clients.

CRM & Digital Marketing Strategy

Developed new approach with marketing automation, lead scoring and marketing triggers.

People Development

From bespoke training for lenders, to online courses for those targeting intermediaries. We have mentored and delivered the leadership programme. 

Research & Analysis

Undertaken a range of broker research. This has been quantitative and qualitative, with customer immersion the key.

Market and Product Development

Helped a lender develop a new product and enter a new market.

Below are Jeff's natural strengths.
Want to know yours? Then get in touch?


I can sort through the clutter and find the best route for you. I see patterns, where others see complexity. I see solutions and ask, "what if.” 

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