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Flexible Resource To Suit

You may not have a full-time marketing director - or need one. That's why the virtual marketing solution is perfect.

This is where Jeff Knight works with you as your outsourced marketing director, perhaps one or more days a month, for as long as you require.

Or take advantage of Jeff's experience and use him to deliver some content. Or anything that you do not have the resource, time or skills to deliver.



Access a flexible senior level marketing resource

Outsourced Resource


Virtual Marketing Director

This is a flexible, scalable and cost effective solution  You will have everything an effective marketing director would do at a fraction of the cost. You will get invaluable support to your marketing team and help you through the maze of financial promotions and the industry jargon.


Content Provision

Use Jeff's expertise to help you deliver those projects you do not have the time, resource or skills to do yourself.

This may be content provision.

It may be help creating a new website.


General Marketing

Need some extra help to deliver some internal markering?

Perhaps to help create brand values.

Whatever it is, Jeff may be able to give you some extra bench strength. 

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