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Make the transition

from marketing management to great marketing leadership


Get a head start with this unique one-to-one transformation programme for the modern marketer.
Whether you work alone or manage a team - this is for you.
Because being an effective leader is a lot more than just leading a team.

This unique one-2-one programme will take you through 6 workshops combined with 3 free-style sessions where we will discuss anything you wish.

We go at a pace to suit you.


 It will give you the knowledge and skills to transform into a great marketing leader.

Programme Overview

The workshops have been developed after extensive research into where marketer leadership needs exist. We have spoken to many marketing professionals and used our own experience to boot.

You can see full summary of each workshop here.

Big Overview

Creative Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Voice Of The Customer

Leadership Skills

Commercial Acumen


At the end of the programme you will...

  • Have the knowledge, confidence and courage to make the transition to a highly effective marketing leader.

  • Know the special skills that you need to be great leader.

  • Have the courage to do what you may already know what you should be doing.

  • Be able to communicate plans and encourage team members in a way that makes things happen.

  • Think differently. Act differently. Get more from your job and your job will get more from you. Win-win.

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Copy of voice (1080 x 1080 px).png
What You Will Learn

At the end of the 12 week programme, participants will know:

  • How to make the transition from management to leadership.

  • The importance of emotional intelligence to marketers.

  • How to achieve the right balance between managing/doing.

  • How to get results through others. 

  • How to lead using your natural talents.

  • The importance of having commercial acumen.

  • The power of developing creative solutions to challenges.

  • How to plan, organise and manage your time. How to set priorities.

  • How to communicate effectively. 

  • The way to coach, praise and give constructive criticism.

  • How to make decisions. How to get commitment.

  • That leadership skills and styles affect performance. How to get the team to pull together. The importance of being you.

  • How to understand your customers and make your mark in your company.

Six Modules 

to make the transition

Module One:
The Big Overview

In the beginning we will explore what successful marketers really look like. Yes you need to be good at your job - at marketing. But it goes beyond that. Way beyond. It's all about how you do it, not what you do.

You will get an insight and an overview to the subsequent workshops - to get you into the right mindset for success. 

You will quickly find some solutions to your challenges.

Module Two: Emotional Intelligence

An overused term in the workplace. But what does it really mean for you. 

I will show you the key formula for gaining strength in your EQ. After all, successful marketers are strong in EQ. This workshop will get the ball rolling as you get to understand yourself and others in a different way. 

Module Three;
Leadership Skills

Okay, one workshop won't be enough to transform you into the world's greatest leader. But it will put you on the path. 

Because we all lead. Some of you will have teams to manage. You will need to lead agencies. And you will need to lead other functions to buy into your ideas. 

This workshop will give you the insight into becoming the leader that fits your personality. 


Module Four:
Creative Thinking

This workshop is all about creative thinking. Using creativity to generate ideas and solutions.

Because creativity is the engine room of marketing. 

If you think you are not creative, you are wrong. We all have creative talents locked away. This workshop will explain what stops creative thinking. It will teach you to trust your instincts. How to generate ideas and turn ideas into actions. 


Module Five;
Voice of the Customer

In the modern world of marketing, it is important that Marketing Managers become their customer's voice. Seek first to understand, then be understood. 

Learn how to listen to customers.


Discover how to share this. And how to measure key customer metrics.


And most importantly of all, why this is so important to you now.

Module Six:
Commercial Acumen

If you are fed up with being seen as the colouring in department, then you need to speak in the right language. You need to build credibility. relationships. And be reliable. You need to demonstrate hard facts, use metrics and simply be aligned to the business. 

Yes, marketing managers need commercial acumen and understand the business more. This workshop will point you in the right direction.


How It Works

You can join a Group Workshops or have a One-2-One Workshop.

Group Workshops run once a fortnight.

One-2-One sessions will go at your pace.

In between the workshops, you and I can choose to have one to one sessions to turn the workshop learnings into meaningful actions for you and your business. 

The sessions will last 60 minutes and the agenda driven by you. 

Of course, at any time, you can email me questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Individual workshops only £1350 + VAT

Individual workshops and one-to-ones
£1695 + VAT

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About your course director

This unique transformation programme is led by Jeff Knight, who has over 30 years marketing experience.


He's worked at Exec Level, benefited from Executive Coaching and won awards to boot. He has built and developed small and large teams and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Sign up to this programme to discover how to make the transition from a great marketing manager to a great marketing leader. 


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