How to Market The
Marketing Department

Course Summary

Doing a great job is not enough. Marketing teams need to know how to market themselves internally. This workshop tells all.

Course Format

This course is only available as a Team Session and will be adapted to your team and goals.

Who Is It For?

This is for all marketing teams who want their organisations to realise just how great they are. 

You will learn how to be understood, be noticed and loved.

Course Overview

Where are you now?

This course will assess where you are now and how you are perceived internally - and the gaps to fill.

Why is it Important?

We will assess just why it is important to focus on self-marketing. We will build your team-brand and put you on the road to success by examining the role of TRUST.

The Power of EQ

Successful marketing teams are strong in EQ - emotional intelligence. The course will walk you through how to generate greater self awareness, awareness of others, explain the power of self motivation, self discipline and how to enhance your personal communication skills.

What To Avoid and What To Do

You will discover common things marketing teams do wrong, which does not hep their cause. We will then show you just what to do.

The Power of the Team

Discover your strengths - individually and collectively. Then learn how to use these to raise your profiles individually and together.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about why you need to market yourselves internally.

  • Discover the importance of  strengthening your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how to strengthen your EQ

  • You’ll discover how to unleash your team's natural talents and promote yourself better through greater self awareness and awareness of others.

  • You will enhance your communication skills.

  • You’ll understand more about self promotion and building key relationships with stakeholders across the business.

  • You’ll discover your natural talents through the stimulating StrengthsFinder assessment. 

  • Learn how to harness these talents and turn them into strengths and get even better at your job.

  • Find out how this can deliver greater team working.

  • Learn the art of promoting yourself internally, both individually and collectively

  • Discover how to use creativity and metrics to become more powerful.

Your Trainer

Your training will be led by Jeff Knight.

He has held several senior positions within lenders. He is a Fellow of the CIM and has won several marketing awards.

He will share all his knowledge and insights in this vital piece of training.


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Team Session price is determined based on your objectives and team structure. 

Get in touch and we will chat through your requirements and then give you a price accordingly.

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