Avoid These 6 Campaign Crimes

Delivering a marketing campaign that is highly effective and delivers strong results is not easy. It takes a lot of skill and resilience. I have seen many campaigns potentially go off course due to what I call campaign crimes. To deliver highly effective campaigns it is important to know what can also go wrong! I can guarantee we have all committed at least one of these crimes in the past. So, let’s briefly touch on these crimes against campaigns, which are not mutually exclusive we should point out.

Crime #1 - No goal Yes. That is correct. If you do not have a goal, you are committing a campaign crime. Without a goal, your campaign has no purpose and becomes impossible to measure success. You can not run a campaign without knowing why you are doing the campaign and what success looks like. Crime #2 – No Insight This is a passionate point for us, as we are obsessed with insight. Without insight you are guessing. You may guess right. But you may not.

You need insight – from data and through proper knowledge of your target audience, as we will cover later. Today’s marketers are surrounded by so much data which can be overwhelming, so use data well and always ask “why is the data showing me that”. Moreover, listen to your customers. Immerse yourselves. Put yourselves in their shoes. No insight to support the campaign and you are committing a crime. Sorry. Crime #3 – Poor Briefing Those poor agencies. They get all the blame if things don’t go to plan. But from our experience, many campaigns fail because not enough time and thought goes into creating a solid agency brief. Avoid this campaign crime at all costs. Crime #4- Go Straight To Execution This is a common crime. Without any planning or thinking, as soon as the words “let’s do a campaign” are muted, an advert or whatever is quickly mocked up. Avoid this and follow the campaign steps. Crime #5 – Forget The Goals The good news was that you created the goals up front. The bad news, you forget them later on. A common reason for this is excitement. We have seen marketers get really passionate about their campaigns (this is to be applauded BTW) but get too excited about the creative execution that their vision is blinkered. What we mean is the focus goes onto the colours, logo position, words and so on. Instead of asking “do we like this design” we need to ask, “does this meet the campaign goals?” We have seen a lot of really dynamic looking campaigns developed which look great, but when the question is asked, they do not fulfil the objective. Avoid this crime. Crime #6 – Lack of Stakeholder Engagement FOMO. It applies to campaigns too you know. People like to be involved. So instead of asking people what they think of the mocked-up campaign, speak to them early in the process and get their feedback on the campaign plan.

If you don’t, your campaign get diluted or binned. A crime is committed. To ensure these crimes are not committed, follow this step-by-step approach to deliver your highly effective marketing campaign.

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