Making smart decisions using insights and analysis.


Grey Matter = Insights & Analysis

Our mantra is no action without insight. 

Insights makes you smarter and be more effective; it takes away the guess work.

We generate insight from a range of sources - and the type of information that will help shape strategy.


We join the dots.

Then we sprinkle creative thinking into the mix to generate really powerful outcomes.


Insights & Analysis
At A Glance


Market Insights

Get market insights, brand feedback, customer insights, to drive appropriate change.

Find new ways to measure marketing effectiveness.


Data Analysis

Let's find some real opportunities hidden within your sales and marketing data.

Let's give some solutions from your marketing metrics.


Market Mapping

We can do some market positioning analysis and see how you match up to your competitors.

Let's do some research into opportunities within new markets you want to enter.

Don't guess. Get the insight you need.

Looking to enter a new market?

Perhaps want to benchmark your brand versus the market?

Need to understand brand perceptions?

Want a fresh pair of eyes on your data?

Want some qualitative research through audience immersion?

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