Optimise Your Marketing with segmentation and automation

Course Summary

This course will show you why "batch and blast" techniques are old hat and the power of segmentation - with a step by step guide to how you can segment.

Course Format

This course is available as online learning. 

It can also be applied as a Team Session.

Each option gives full flexibility over course delivery - you are not forced to learn everything in just one day!!

Who Is It For?

This is an advanced course for those who want to take their digital marketing to a new level.

It is for those targeting mortgage intermediaries.

Course Overview

Sales Funnel & Lead Nurturing

The course begins by setting out the principles of the Sales Funnel and introduces the lead nurturing concept.

Building Brand Trust

How to build trust in your brand through more effective and targeted messages.

The Online Marketing Journey

You will learn about moving from batch and blast through to real time optimisation.


What stops segmentation happening and how can you do this?

Segmentation In Practice

You will hear an example of segmentation that has been applied and that delivered powerful results.

Your Online Destination

At the end you will learn about lead scoring and marketing automation techniques.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discover why batch and blast is a wasteful technique and the other problems it poses for you.

  • Learn how to build your own sales funnel

  • Discover the power of using the basics of a sales funnel in your marketing.

  • Discover how to really tailor your messages for the different stages of the sales funnel.

  • Learn the simple approach to segmentation that has been applied with strong results.

  • Get a bit of an insight how real time messaging is the what marketing is all about these days.

Your Trainer
jk no bg_edited.jpg

Your training will be led by Jeff Knight.

He has held several senior positions within lenders. He is a Fellow of the CIM and has won several marketing awards.

Jeff will share what he has learned and applied to the world of segmentation.

He will share all his knowledge and insights in this vital piece of training.



Online course is £445 + VAT

Team Session price is determined based on your objectives and team structure. 

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